The Tension of Blogging OR Yet another Perfunctory Introduction

May 13, 2014

There’s something about blogging that has always seemed inherently hypocritical to me.

I won’t pretend to have read thousands of blogs, but from what I can tell, in the “blogging community” the advice is to be aware of your audience. In other words, are you writing for others to be entertained, informed, or connected, or are you writing mostly for yourself? I tend to run a bit long-winded in my posts, and judge my work in its content and length mostly by my own standards. This way, any readers interested in regularly following will get an accurate representation of myself, and my online persona will more or less fit the mold I see for myself in real life. To go morbid, much of my writing serves as an attempt to account for myself should I die.

To me, this seems to be an incredibly narcissistic goal. For who am I to judge myself, or claim that my thoughts have a more valuable weight simply for having been written down? Yet, by much encouragement, I’ve created a blog for others to read, besides myself. Moreso, in the writing of said blog I keep in mind that I will have an audience. My editing and maintenance of this online journal is done in service to others. Do you see the tension, now?

Taking it one layer deeper, of course, we could analyze this entire post and interpret it as a backdoor apology, offered before I’ve really written anything. In short, I pray that in following my internal call to write my thoughts and publish them for a public eye, I won’t offend, I won’t waste your time, and I won’t be untrue. But in the end, I will still keep a blog.

MND 5.1.440-447, -William Shakespeare

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