Track 10: You Will Never Know

{Soul Power}


You will never know the sorrow you made

When you first began to fall

You will never fail to lift your hands

to the easiest god of all.

Sometimes in life you’ve gotta tough it out

So wipe up all your tears

It takes a real man to burn down the house

To cover up his fears



No matter how many bones you break

No matter how many lives you take

You lost a thousand leagues ago

(On Second Time: I fought a thousand leagues to show)

But you will never know


Master Mister Won’t you Please

Stop hurting people in my dreams?

I witnessed every drop but your eyes told me

They’re things you’ll never see

You always thought you were a victim

The truth is, you were right.

It’s sad you never had a chance

To feel the love you stole that night




Bridge: Honor your father and Father

Honor your father and father?

Honor your father and fathers

Wipe up all your tears.


I know I’ll never hear the words

I know you’d mean them if you tried

I know what slips between the cracks when you apologize.

I know the night is soon

When fight or flight you’ll be removed

I know the leagues that told you so

But you…

You will never know.

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