Track 9: Irreplaceable

{A rap inspired somewhere between Eminem and the Beasty Boys}


Sometimes I lie awake at night

I think about the moments

Whether if I was right

I wonder had our time been under different dice

When chance meets circumstance–could we have finished the fight?


I know you want to be done

I know it hurts to look back

But I remember when I was your world, you biggest heart attack

I felt it in your touch

You weren’t playing games

Reprise:: between the eyes there’s no lies. You were inflamed.


Nothing adds up

One day you were gone

So either wake up from the lie or say that love was wrong.


{Hook:} Ears open to the word I say

            When I Replay (second time: Replay) (Third Time: Replay)

            I wanna Believe!

            I Want Something that’s Irreplacable!

(second time: Uh-Le) {Repeat}


            (On Third): Believe (Replay) In the Irreplacable!


Count the Problems on your fingers, true, we made our own way

But introduce me to a couple where that wasn’t the same?

It doesn’t mean a long shot’s no shot. Love’s not a holiday!

And now you’re seeing some guy, like things have suddenly changed…

Maybe he can give you what we had without all of the stakes.


You said you love me when I’m Mad, Glad, Sad and Confused

You said you love me when I’m hurt and I’m too Tired to choose

You said you love the way I laugh, talk, write, Kiss, Hold and Look at you

Even when I made you angry said you loved the way I treated you.

We never knew that we could be so close to another,

I proved I cared, you said. Now I’m just a brother.

You said you love who I am and who I want to be

You said you’re mine, I’m yours—Hey—Thanks for being me

You said I was always in fashion

Working at us was like a: Life Passion

You said you love me when I’m busy and even when I’m wasting time

Hours rocked on the clock, said I did everything right

And then it died.




Maybe what we had, it wasn’t much in the end

If I could be so replaced and had those words said to another friend

I think there must be something more, something indescribable

If Love pulls us back there’s nothing we can do

Like a Glue, it’s  Undeniable.

For all those things you said, it’s true you couldn’t believe

I know I let you go because I thought that you’re replaceable.

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