Track 8: ThanksYou’rewelcomeSorryGoodbye

{This is a Bohemian Rhapsody of Tunes in Various Styles}



Porchlights flicker in the dark

Flying and trying to touch the ground

Checking the time, but we’ve stopped the clock

Singing without a sound


Never gained, never lost

Never stolen, never bought

Like a school swimming by

Like lightning in the sky

And a kiss is not the top, but

The spark to build our climb

Even fleeting, that’s enough

Just a kiss away from love.


I was always running in place

At the end of the race, I had never begun

Like the Hare and the Tortoise

I wrote as much and fell as deep as you before us

I told you:


Dangle, (CLAP CLAP) dangle a carrot

Better to follow your heart

Snare yourself in the lost so you can bear it

There’s more to you than what you are


I guess we were the perfect pair.


And I can’t hold you in the rain

And I can’t recognize your pain

I cannot give the love you need

But I can help you breathe.

And I can hold you all the same

But we lost everything we gained

Because I stole a kiss from the top

The kiss away from love


(Shifting Completely)

Now you’re gone…!


Anchors away

Like an anchor you stayed

Is it you or I who needed

Okay for one more day?


Gone! ~~(Electric)

You went out like a light

Every part moving on but I stayed for the fight

It hurts to see you hurt

Why hurt for love at all and have it gone?


Gone! Til’ All that’s left of you’s a spiderweb of painful ties?


I’m Happier now. I’m happier now. I’m happier now

Without you.

Don’t write all your songs about your boyfriend

Or your girlfriend. It’ll make us blue

But more than that the crux of it

Is no one really gives a {      }

And looking back it seems so much we said was true

But you said, “I’m happier now without you.”


(break it down)

Runnin on the track it’s a fact


gotta live on ground intact

You know I live in white and black

I should have known I’d be attracted to someone who backed me

I run around the circuit cause a circle completes

And the rubber keeps a beat you know it’s there under your feet

It stays the same like the person I was dating in a fantasy

Conversation. And relation. It’s elation to the measure of the minds

And inside, four walls, on the orbit of my pride, I can hide

There, no one’s gonna find me, I’m free.

Sorry Baby, but distance comes naturally.


(A Church chorus)

Listen to the rhythm of your mind

Sing the melody of hearts in time

And time.

Do you need a bruise

To represent the truth?

Is neglect a view

Abuse the gavels too.

Nothing gained, Nothing breaks, Nothing hurts

Broken spirit, broken words.

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