Track 5: Strongman (When Love is True)

{An End of Act 1 Broadway Musical Number}


Voice 1 (M)-

When Love is True

Our hearts are reflected, our words connected

Love’s perfected

Closing each other in something new

Love’s double bound

Meeting love that already lives

Love is ever. And ever growing

Love forgives.


Love brings to light what no other can see

When love is true

We will be.


Voice 2 (M)-

Evergreen, evergreen, evergreen, won’t you bloom?

Ever the love of my life, will I live forever with you?

And what is a man, but what he is given?

And Given, what have we to Gain?

Let me be dawn for your sweet mountain rain


What do you have to lose?


Voice 1-I’ve never met a girl like you

No! You’re just another pretty face


Voice 2-I’ve never known a love like this

Touch me with your grace!


Voice 1-And now my walls are crumbling

I feel my heart it’s sweltering


Voice 2-Perfection sings a happy tune


Voices 1 and 2 Together:

1: When love is true I’ll have no pain!

2: Evergreen, when will you bloom!



Voice 3 (F)-Stay with you, be with you, Give you all I ever wanted

To you…

I give…

All my love and the burdens my love will ensure

(Oh Shel…) Can’t you see how much you mean to me?

If you knew how we could not endure

You would pale.

But I’ll give

and if you love me as long as I live, I am yours.

end of song5

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