Track 2: Would it Be Better? (Girl What’s Your Name?)

{a garage band pop single}


Track 2: Would it be Better?

Is it better to give just a coin for the shelter?

Or turn your eyes forward and leave it alone?

Is it better to take just a small day in heaven?

Or keep what you’re given and keep to your own?

The world’s in a swell

Soon enough all things are done

But the faces and spaces will follow me home

And soon all my pennies are gone.


Girl, what’s your name?

Girl, what’s the secret?

Tell me and we’ll sing in harmony.

Girl, who’s to blame?

Girl, what’s between us?

Would it be better if I never met you at all?


You are lovely. You know many things.

You make me laugh though you cover your face.

We were just for a moment, with so much to share

But earth never slows from its pace.

The world’s in a storm

And all of it’s lost in the time

The cashbox is empty when the shelter is full

Broke the locks when we left us behind




There’s a question

And a treasure

And a love

Behind every door

But we blind them

And we find them

And we answer them

Often unwarned

(And) Though we don’t know the drifting

We can feel spirits lifting

And our brothers and sisters are kept wrapped around us in memories

Girl, what’s your name?

Will you remember?

Though we were never in harmony?

I can’t say the blame

But time’s in between us

Would it be better…


God bless your ways.

You kept your secret.

I won’t forget you or leave your song.

We can’t know the day

There’s so much between us

But maybe the doors will burst open again

And our lives come together, the treasures, the memories

Our paths cross’d again before long.

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