Track 1: Monster

{An alternative rock song in the style of My Chemical Romance w some screamo elements}


There’s a monster in the woods

Always hiding in clear sight

And it speaks to me

It speaks to me at night

It whispers every waking day

It tells me he’s a friend

It says that he’s misunderstood

He haunts my every breath

It’s a lonely life as a monster

He’s really gentle inside

He’s starving but Look how he’s playful

He’s Only fighting to survive.

The Monster can make you want you want to be

And he’s calling, calling…calling…calling



Over and over I dance with the monster

And always I find my way back to the crossroads

To the place of waking sleep where I wait all my days

Fellow traveler, tell me–how can I escape?

Is he a man, or is he a demon?

Fascination compels me to know

Do I walk beside the road

Or this side of damnation?

I’m blinded, pray where do I go?


Your Troubles far away

On a holiday

When we Collide

How can I feel so empty inside?

Turned to a stone I stand circles

There’s a well and it smells like a devil

When I stare into the glass

Kaleidoscopic visions pass and pull

A thousand reflections of who I am and what I’ve become!




I can’t go back

But I can’t follow this path

I shut all my windows to try to get alone

The monster has followed me home.

I Will Always Set You Free.

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